About Us

The Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin is a state-of-the-art, 40-bed hospital that is the result of a partnership between ProHealth Care and Lifepoint Rehabilitation to meet the growing rehabilitation needs of the region.

For more than a century, ProHealth Care has been the health care leader in Waukesha County and surrounding areas, providing outstanding care across a full spectrum of services. The people of ProHealth Care strive to continuously improve the health and well-being of the community by combining skill, compassion and innovation.

Our rehabilitation programs provide ongoing care to patients in their recovery journey. We offer customized, intensive rehabilitation tailored to the individual needs of those recovering from stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions, trauma, spinal cord injury, amputation, and orthopedic injury.

Our hospital strives to maximize the health, function, and quality of life of those we serve through comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation programs.

For those acute patients who qualify, research shows inpatient rehabilitation hospitals are an effective setting for:

  • Walking and transferring independently again
  • Going home quickly
  • Short lengths of stay
  • Receiving daily physician and nurse attention
  • Minimizing hospital readmission

Distinguishing Features of Inpatient Rehabilitation:

  • Daily accessible physician specially trained in rehab
  • Low patient-to-rehab nurse ratio goal: 5-7 patients to one rehab nurse
  • Intensive therapy with short lengths of stay
  • Transfer to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital does not require full three-day stay at a short-term acute care hospital
  • 15 hours/week of therapy required

Populations Served

As an accredited comprehensive inpatient rehab program, ProHealth Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin is capable of caring for a wide variety of diagnoses. These include, but are not limited to stroke, brain injury, spinal cord dysfunction, medically complex, trauma, orthopedic, neurological, amputation, and debility. A determination is made by the admitting physician and admissions intake personnel on a case by case basis to determine whether a patient’s illness or injury is appropriate for admission to inpatient rehab.  


Our program has ranked in the top 10% of rehabilitation hospitals nationally by Uniform Data System (UDS)! 

Our top-performer designation is based on our ranking in the top deciles of UDS for the Medical Rehabilitation program evaluation model for more than 800 facilities, a report card for rehabilitation settings. UDS maintains the world's largest database of medical rehabilitation outcomes. That means your patients will get outstanding care, designed to help them regain as much function as possible. 

What Does It Mean to Be in the Top 10%? 

UDSMR considers all facilities that rank in the top 10% of the database as top program performers, recognizing their delivery of quality patient care as effective, efficient, timely and patient-centered. 

Top 10% hospitals typically have a higher-than-­target discharge to community and lower-than-target percentage of return to acute care during the rehab stay. 

Top 10% hospitals typically have greater than 90% of their patients exceed the case level facility targets for discharge quality measures - self-care score and mobility score, change in self-care score and mobility score and functional efficiency.